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Reputable Ethical Design

Agreeing that companies should act ethically is the easy bit, but how do you design ethical actions into products and services?


RED is our methodology for doing just that. 


We start with the principles that we have developed.


We then work through 5 project steps that design ethics into projects, products and services.

Inception - how do teams design each relevant principle into the product?
Create and Confirm – prototypes with customers.  What are the users’ ethical and privacy expectations and do our prototypes meet them?
Development – the process of building and continuing to confirm that teams are developing an actively ethical product.
Test – what is the appropriate test regime and training data for the product?
Improve – how do we continue to confirm that the principles are in operation?

We focus less on ethical debate than the practicalities of product development.  By applying best-in-class software and techniques to each step, we link ethics all the way to your code base.


We deliver RED as a two-day, off-site training course to get your teams started.  We train whole teams to achieve an alignment between business people, user experience, development, test. 

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