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We get it.  Your business is under pressure.  You want to improve sales conversion rates, operational performance, optimise pricing...


AI could help with any of these and much more.


You've also heard of the downside risks - biases, decisions that nobody quite understands, opaque accountability, reputational risk.  


Your customers have heard of these risks too, because AI is never out of the news.  


reputable.AI doesn't offer a solution.  There is no packaged solution to these issues. 

We offer structured certification audits to ensure that your business has mechanisms to use AI constructively and maintain trust with your employees and customers.  


We also provide ethical design (RED) training for teams starting out on AI and algorithm based projects that allow businesses to build ethics into products and services from the get go.

Our research shows that customers are more likely to purchase goods and services from accredited companies.  However, the reputable.AI stamp is optional and the audit itself is confidential. 

reputable.AI for business

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