AI has huge benefits.  It can detect disease better than humans alone.  It can help keep us safe, monitor and reduce environmental damage, entertain us… 

The list gets longer by the day. 

However, there are downsides.  AI can be biased, unpredictable, inexplicable, serve the interests of the few. 

reputable.AI is here to help us all get the best out

of Artificial Intelligence (AI). 


reputable.AI looks for good standards of AI management in business and public bodies.  Where we find it, organisations have the option of using our certification stamp. 


The stamp is simple, but the standards of conduct behind it are high.

We certify to recognised AI principles.


Stating principles is easier than delivering to them.  There are many good sets of principles available.  We have nine, which anybody can use.  We can map to all major principle sets.


reputable.AI has a distinct methodology designed to confirm that good practices are in place to deliver the AI standards we aspire to.


We are interested in confirming practices right through the design-develop-operate chain.


We recognise that to advise on AI governance, reputable.AI itself needs good governance. 


As we prepare for launch, we are inviting well-recognised people in AI, law, business and technology, to form an advisory group to  In the interests of balance we are inviting some people who are earlier in their careers.

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